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We met Ed just after he bought this cool Buick T-Type. He called us and needed help with a few things. It just so happened that he lives about three miles from Jason, so he went over to meet Ed to get the ball rolling. As it turns out, this car has a lot of history. It took a few of us calling all over the US to track down where it originated from. It has been through several hands and gone through many changes. A few paint jobs, engines, etc. The current theme is a TSM car which is a Buick Regal class race car that is built in accordance to the current rules for that class. Turbo Street Modified (TSM) is a real testiment to how these cars can run low 9's with a OEM block and still remain streetable. This is a very nice T- Type! Alot of work went in to the car to make it what it is today. But like everything there is always room for improvement. While we had to attend a Buick event, Ed had another local Buick racer, Jason White, get started on some of the loose ends like brakes, new boost controller, and a over heating problem which turned out to be the electric fan that was somehow wired to run in reverse!? The car came with an older version of the FAST engine managment system with a very basic start up program. It was so basic the car would stumble and die all over town which made Ed sick of driving his new car. He knew what it needed but didnt know where to take it to get it done. Thats when he called AnA. By this time we had become familiar with the car, so Brian spent the day with Ed working on the tune and showing him the in's and out's of these very picky cars. By the time Brian was done the car would start, stay running and scare the crap out of Ed at only 18 psi boost!! LOL. Another happy customer! Stay tuned for more.


We added a budget vacuum pump for pulling crank case pressure out of the engine while it's under boost. We found it at the local "YOU PULL IT" auto salvage. The pump is off of a 1999 V6 firebird, and it came with the mounting bracket and wiring harness for $25


Then we got the 0/2 psi hob switch from NAPA $21 bucks.

 Advanced Auto Parts had a HELLA fog light relay kit that came with everthing we needed to wire it up. We picked it up for $12 bucks.

After the install we went for a test drive at 15psi. Presto! no more oil leaks! Not to bad for under $60 bucks.

For those who want a new pump, you can buy them at your local parts store for around $120.

ED has been busy with a few upgrades...like a new engine, trans,  suspension, and wheels. Looking Good!!

Nice car Ed! Maybe we can line em' up one day.