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Tim Foster just got his turbo Regal a few months back and thought something just wasn't right. So he found us on the web and drove from Houston TX to get it tuned by the professionals at A&A. When Andre first looked under the hood he could see things were out of place like rotted vacuum lines, and MAF installed backwards, so right away he got to work on getting things back to the basics. Due to a faulty fuel pressure gauge, the fuel pressure was 15 psi too low. The boost was set wide open and the car had a 92 street chip installed in it at the time. This was a bomb just waiting to got off. After fixing all he could on this visit, the car was back to normal with the boost set at 11psi @ WOT, until Tim buys a few upgrades like electric fans, TT5.6 chip, larger stall,  Alky system, and a new TA61 turbo. This is one Fine car.

Like those 20X10 Boss wheels.