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Brian Dykes' Buick 3.8 V6 Build up

Last year, Brian encountered some metal shavings in his V6 and it killed the Turbo and bottom end. Now back at the shop, the freshly prepped 109 block is ready for assemble. Brian chose a .210/.215 roller cam from Mike at Full Throttle Speed. Also he is able to use roller lifters from a FWD 3800 V6 to work with his roller cam. The bottom end has Billet main caps as well. He is running stock but heavily ported iron GN heads. He has a Champion ported intake, Hemco plenuim, and a TE.45A Turbo.

Read about Brians Grand National with pictures & story at www.beabulldog.com 

More coming soon

This engine ran great but had cam bearing problems witch caused the oil pressure to drop to zero when warmed up. We had to line bore the cam bearings .040 to fix it. It is now in Chris Ratlif's GN and has perfect oil pressure.

Brian ended up buying the stroker V6 out of the IROC and now it is running great in his daily driven GN. He drives it to work once a week about 50 miles one way and is getting 19 mpg, not bad for V6 putting 800hp to the tires. I love the way he is keeping it stelthey with all stock looking parts.