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Curtis's 1987 Grand National

Curtis found this GN on the web for sale in NJ and flew up there, purchased it and drove it back to MS. It turns out that a good friend of ours  name Jack Cotten help build this car for one of his customers there. Jack is a great Buick builder and Tuner so the car was pretty much all there for Curtis to run low 10's on the street. But this car has seen a lot of battles and has a lot of ware and tear on it, in other words "Its been rode hard and put up wet". When Curtis found it, it had been sitting beside a house for a few years and was being neglected. So when he got it home he made a call to A&A to bring his baby back to life. We will start with some basics and go from there and It will be back in the 10's in no time.

As we started on Curtis's car, we could tell it was well built at one time. But it just needed up dating. We had to remove and re-weld the cracks in the exhaust manifolds, replace motor mounts, fix bad wiring and replace the vacuum brakes with the factory 84/85 hydro boost system and lots of other little stuff.

Looking for a short in a 30 year old wiring harness that every Tom, Dick, and Harry, had there hands on, was not much fun. After car alarms and everthing else had been installed and uninstalled, whoever, just left the wires hanging under the dash and I hate dealing with that!

Now that that's all fixed, it was time to get it cleaned up and start  some tuning on this beast!

I really like the XFI FAST System! We tuned this car to 26 psi on pump gas and Alky. Thats hard to do with a chip.

If you look close at the speedo, you can see the 145, but thats in klm, as this car was sold new in Canada. The mph is in small red numbers at the top and only goes to 85 mph.