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Ken's 1987 T-Type

Ken, a new customer, looked up A&A and saw it was fairly close to where he lives. He called me up and asked me to do some work on his car because he previously had sent it out of state for repairs. We set up a time for him to bring his car in, and believe me.. this car  had seen better days. I asked "what happened to your car man"?  then..a sad story that hear too often. "Well I bought this car in Ruston LA. It's a nice 10 second street car with nice paint and interior, lots of go-fast goodies, but I wanted it a little faster so I sent it to a Turbo Buick performance shop in South East Georgia and spent a lot of $$$$$, but it didn't seem any faster than what I already had". Can you check it out for me? I said sure!! I have a few customers ahead of you but I will get to it soon as I can. He said No hurry, it was at the last place for four years! I said It won't be here that long. So later on when we had time, we started checking this car out. OMG! I hated to call him back a tell him what we had found. The last shop it was at had removed many of the performance parts from his engine and replaced them with basically stock GN parts. Plus they let it sit outside and the weather took its toll. We attempted to contact the shop to find out what all they did to our customers car for the money he spent, we found all the phone numbers had been disconnected and web site was gone. Horrible way to do business.  Well all thats left to do now is start over.