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I picked this GN up from a friend that wanted my 67 RS/SS 427 Camaro. So we did a even swap. We had already made a few changes on this car before, so I knew it was a good car to own. 

 Ok, so a little too "burn-out" happy ended up getting a rod bearing in the motor. It was time for an A&A Buick V6. With a stroke of luck, our friend Brian had just bought my engine out of the ZNX, so I bought Brian's old engine at a cool price , we ended up building it. With this build, we went with GN1 Aluminum heads, a roller cam, and a new 70mm turbo. With help from Turbo Tweak's new tunable wideband chip and 80lb injectors, we were able to tune this 700 hp beast with ease, and with this kind of power we added the steel main caps to keep the crank right were we wanted it.

After running the car for a summer I pulled the engine to refresh it and tryed out our lifter conversion we had been talking about. We modified a set of hyd. lifters from my 1988 5.7 Chevy tune port engine and put them in this Buick V6. So far it is working great, holds 60psi oil while driving and 20psi at idle and I have made several 1/4 mile passes with no problems. Although this was soley done to try to off set the high price of going to a roller cam over a flat tapit. You are going to spend around $1000 up grading to a steel billet roller, $850 to a cast iron roller, and we could only shave off another $100 for this conversion but it was labor intensive and I dont think its worth the trouble, the lifters are a bit heavy so I dont think they are a good choice for racing, even though they are working.

This is a nice car and is for sale as soon as it returns from the body shop getting a complete repaint and replacing everything that is dated.


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