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Steve Barbar's 78 Corvette

Wow! Where do I begin, this car kept me in trouble with the wife many nights. Andre and I at this time worked for Atwood Chevy, Olds selling cars durring the day and worked on Steve's vette at night and most nights very late. This car went throught many changes over the years. When Steve first got the vette he put a very good built 350 in it and came to the track. But the track is not very forgiving and it will hurt you feelings. I think the car went some mid 13s back then. Well that wasn't good enough for him so he had us build him a faster car. Since his 350 was a good engine we kept it in the but changed the cam, heads and carb. Now the vette was in the mid 12s but  that wasn't fast enough either. So we added a 175 hp NOS kit and it went 10.56 then we uped that to a 225 shot and it ran 10.26. But that was after  replacing the trans and rear end. Later on Steve wanted more Bling than Bang so we went back in and changed it up again. This time we went with a Wieand 6-71 blower. Steve drove it around for a while but then wanted it faster again. About this time we ran across a set of Auessy Out Law heads for a small block, Steve said get them so we did. The head ports  where so large no one made a blower intake manifold for it here in the US so we had to special order it from down under. With the new intake and cam this vette was a fire breather once again. The new ET was 10.85 131mph @ 15 psi and that's not bad for a street car that Steve drove to work several days a week.

Hot Rod power tour came through town one time and set up a dyno to let guys see how much HP they where making, so Steve had to know.

Steve's 1966 SS Chevelle

Steve's Chevelle is a very low mile car from the original owner, Tommy Sherman. Mr. Sherman had purchase the Chevelle new in 1966, a white on black base SS 396 4 speed car and mainly drag raced it most of it's life. He retired and put it in storage for 30 years until Steve was able to talk him out of it in 2008. When Steve bought it, it had been repainted midnight blue and the engine & trans was long gone. It had to be restored, so he sent it to a friend ,Billy Ray Parker, for that job. Steve acquired a nice 454 and 4 speed to start with, then topped it off with a FAST FXI fuel injection. Now his car is complete and is a great street cruiser.