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Jason's 1987 Buick Regal Limited Turbo T (sold)

I found this Regal at a "Buy here, Pay here" car lot in my home town. It had 2 previous owners that I knew. I got the car and it was in ok shape. I restored it with new paint, interior and put in a few bolt on's. These are pics of when I got it, to how it looks now.


 The Grand National you see infront of the Limited was sold in order to restore this one. It was a hard choice to make, but worth it in the end.

Stock 109 Engine, TA.49 Turbo, #36 injectors, Reds 93 chip, TH 3inch downpipe, cold air kit, pretty much stock.

Off to the Body Shop!


Nice new Light Chesnut paint, new enterior and new go-fast goodies!

New TE.66 Turbo, Turbo Tweak Chip, #50 injectors, SMC Alky kit, Precision Front mount intercooler, 4 inch cold ait kit, new body bracing, HR Parts Anti-roll bar, All new front and rear suspension, lowering springs, Lee Thompson built 200R tranny with Precision 3500 lock up, Moser axles, Wide band 02 sensor, Crank case Evac, RamCharger fans, aluminum radiator, lots of new goodies.