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Jeff Jordan's 1980 Trans Am 408

Jeff is Jason's brother-in-law, so it was only a matter of time before the TA found its way into the shop and it was right on time. When Jeff purchased the TA someone had removed the factory Pontiac 400 and replaced it with a guttless Pontiac 350. We laughed about it till one day Jeff said "thats enough, my car has to have some balls!" so we helped a brother out.

First, that engine had to go! So we pulled it and sold it. Then we rounded up a nice Pontiac 400. We gave it all of the necessary things it would need to be called an A&A engine. Now Jeff can go on all of the Bandit Runs with confidence. 

Jeff couldn't let us have all the fun, so he stopped by and helped us set it in and got it going, after all, it is his car.

Have fun cruising Jeff!!!