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Mack Farris had plans for us to start restoring his 1965 Corvette 325hp/327 four speed, But he ran across this 1978 Indy Pace Corvette. It had some bolt-on's but the engine was tired, so he wanted to fix it up first. We felt that a head and cam package would do the trick so we got our hands on a nice pair of ZZ430 heads and researched a cam to match. When we started to take the engine apart, we discovered several bad things. Someone had drilled two holes in the intake under the carb!? There is no reason for this at all!! When we got the heads off we found that the engine was a 1973 block which had been bored .060 over already, and was worn out again. There was oil and carbon in everything. We made the decision to pull it out and rebuild it. So now he is getting an A&A 383ci. and thats just what the Pace car needed anyway.


Well done!! This little 383 is a very streetable combo with good vacuum for power brakes and vacuum headlights. You better believe it will roast the tires as long as you stand on it. Mack said it was as fun as a roller coaster ride lol. I take it he is very happy with it. LOL