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                              JAMES LYNN 1964 CORVETTE STINGRAY                       

          James Lynn of LYNNS WELDING in Vicksburg MS, bought his Corvette as a numbers matching car. While the factory 327ci was having machine work done, the engine was stolen. So James opted for a GM 5.7 Ram Jet crate engine and brought his car to A&A to have all the upgrades performed such as larger brakes, new trans, and so on. Stay tuned I will up date as we go. 

Good friend Jerry Blake, aka "ZEEK" came over to help with the front end rebuild and power disc brake conversion.

With the new RAM JET 350's EFI, we had to install a high psi fuel pump so James found a nice stainless in-tank set up.

James wanted to use the ram manifolds but most of the old studs broke off and the heat riser was frozen half open so we went with a Corvette Central exhaust system.

The block hugger headers would not clear the knock senser so it was relocated in one of the old fuel pump bolt holes.

We put the engine in to test fit every thing and so far so good until i started installing the draglink and steering cylinder. They wouldn't clear the step down in the oil pan that can be seen in the second photo up. I dont know why they would sell this engine with a truck oil pan when it is most likely going to be put in a car.


We had the Tach man at www.tachman.com rebuild all the gauges, he even converted the old original cable drive to electric to work with the new efi, and WOW!! The factory speedometer are way off until they have been recalibrated. This one got worse the faster you went. The Tachman does very good work. 

Its running and driving! more pics soon.


Made it to the show