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Travis 1987 Grand National

Travis came to A&A through a friend of his named Rodney. We had performed a lot of upgrades on his stock low mile GN. Travis thought we did ok on Rodney's car, so he brought his to us. His car had some basics done already so for starters, we installed a Razers Alky kit and a A&A Performance Chip to get him headed in the right direction.

After installing the new parts, it was time tuning.

Turning up the boost till it hits the sweet spot.

Travis GN had a few door dings from those tight parking lots so I took it up to my bodyshop and rubbed those dents out.

Very Clean and ding free GN.

Updates on Travis GN:

6 months after we fixed his car, it developed a water leak and ran hot. So he took it to another shop and had them overhaul the engine. That shop was by no means Turbo Buick V6 knowledgeable, as they had cut wires, did not correctly ground wires, so the car would just die unexpectedly anywhere, anytime! It died on him on I-55 near Grenada MS one day, and Travis has to walk to get help and upon returning to his car, it had vanished.