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Solomon' 1987 Grand National

 Solomon bought his car cause he always want a Grand National. But after a while of driving it he wanted it a little faster, so he found us on the web and brought it to us for some basic upgrades. First things we did was a Turbo Tweek chip and injectors, an Alky kit, 62 Turbonetics turbo and stretched stock intercooler, and cold air intake. We left it at that for the summer until he could get used to the new power.

After he returned from his tour overseas, he was ready for some more go fast goodies. At this time we were just going to add a camshaft. So when we opened this engine we started seeing signs of age. He wasn't ready to overhaul it just yet, so we went ahead and installed the new cam and lifters and fired it up. Well it spun the number 4 cam bearing with in a few minutes!! CRAP! So now we are rebuilding the engine, and this time Soloman is going all out. He wanted a strong low 10sec street car so thats what he is going to get.

Well its a good thing we pulled it when we did cause this engine was shot. The timing cover had worn almost all the way through to the water pump and the bearings were already down to the brass.


Stay tuned as we build King Solomon's monster.