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Brodey's 1988 Donzi Z33 Crossbow twin 502's

Brodey fell into this good deal last year. It had twin 502's but one of them had overheated and cracked a head. So we pulled both engines out and decided to overhaul them. Cost effective, it was better to stroke the 502's into 540's! So Mr Money Bags (lol) kept handing us $1000 and we kept pouring in go fast goodies until the twin 540's were born. We also upgraded the fuel system and the engine bay area with bright new colors. The bad boy's top speed was 75mph at 5500 rpm with 23 pitch props. There was more in the boat, because we found the trim pump lines were reversed on the last day of testing. Surely it will do 80 mph!


Now back in Dallas. Time to put it all together.

We backed it down the dock just to break the engines in. Fired them up and adjusted everything and let them sing for 2 hours @ 2000 rpms.

Still singing! What a sound.

The next day we went back to Lake Dallas after tighting some loose ends, and for a test run. Well that lasted about a minute and to the floor it went! For about the next 4 hours off and on, I sat and tuned and listened to those 540's screaming 5500 rpms @ 75 mph.  It was music to my ears. 

Capt. Brodey

Chief Engineer Alan

I dont know why he was smilling, he just filled it up. 180gal

Moored at Sneaky Peets dock

Have fun! Maybe we can take it on a poker run some day.

Well the Donzi was sold and the new owner let her sink in Lake Ozarks MO.

Brody's new toy. Fountain Lightning super charged 502s.