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Bobbie & Chris Collins 1988 Mustang GT

Bobbie and Chris brought us thier clean 88 GT and wanted a new look, performance, and curb appeal. Andre got to work designing how the car should look. Dee Cotton of The Print Shop in Vicksburg, MS made the graffics that Andre designed. We chose these 17" Cobra wheel and tire package and handling springs to give it the perfect aggressive stance. New X-pipe exhaust gave it a few extra ponies and a throaty sound.



While working in Scottsbluff, NE Jason and I met Chris and his friend one day while eating at Dairy Queen. We saw that they were driving a pair of IROC's, so we walked over to meet them. I asked, "Chris, what have you done as far as mods?" Chris answered with "the last owner told me etc. etc. etc.". After we got to looking it over we noticed it was bone stock right down to the chip. So I asked if he would like to make it faster? "OH YEAH!!" The words I like to hear! So we hooked him up with some basics to get started. An ADS chip, Accel adjustable fuel pressure regulator, A&A ported top and base intake, SLP large tube runners, and a set of underdrive pullies. Right after we got it going, the fuel pump failed. I looked at him and said.."welcome to the world of HOT RODDING!!". But he was excited about the new found HP.



While working a hail storm in Akron Ohio, with Anton aka Doc and his son, Mike, they found this..well what appeared to be a Jeep in a thrifty nickel news ad somewhere in MI. So they talked us into going with them to buy it and said it would only take a few hours to get there and back from Akron, we'd be back in no time! "RIGHT!!" 6 o'clock the next morning, we rolled in with this piece of.. well highly rednecked Jeep. We didn't even go to sleep and started working on this pile of junk right away cause it wouldnt even spin a tire. Thank goodness SUMMIT Racing Equipment was only two miles down the road, cause we were there every day for a month scrounging around on the what we called the "bring- it- back- rack" looking for deals. We rebuilt this Jeep so cheap, it didn't make sense. First things to go was the sorry no flowing 882 heads, CompCams .292 cam, performer manifold, and stock converter.

I had Mike Mckay from Southern Machine, fix us up a cheap set of Vortec Chevy heads for $400 and he sent them to us. We then got the $89.99 Summit .465/.488 cam and lifters set. We found a $100 new/use Summit Brand vortec performer style intake manifold and a $100 set of proform roller rockers. We rebuilt the Holley 750cfm carb as well. We made them buy a new B&M Quick Silver ratchet shifter, new Auto Meter Tach and gauges, Battery relocation kit, and a Holley Blue fuel pump to keep up with the Nitrous kit they were going to use (OMG!) By the end of the week, the local Cops knew us by 1st name lol! And the Jeep was screaming through intersections in town...open header, no lights or brakes!! But all that was fixed. When they returned to Hagerstown IN, it was just in time for the "Redneck Nationals!"... I meant dirt drags and they came in second place only to find out the carb linkage had gotten hung up and it wasn't even getting full throttle!!  


In memory of DOC 2011

We're gona miss you man!

0I had to shave a little off the spark plug hump to clear the 11:0.1 dome pistons! 



Danny Marshell's 85 Corvette build up coming soon.


Mitch and his Road Warrior Ford Falcon GT XB

Tommy Murray aka "T" has been a great customer and friend in his quest for 9 sec. pump gas street car.


Calvin's 95 Mustang Got a new set of AFR heads and Victor Jr. intake.

Fred, from Monroe LA brought his car to us after hearing about his friends GN we fixed. Like most customers, it came to us on a trailer. It had been to a few shops and no one could get it to start. He just had someone install a new Turbo kit on it and did a very good job. It was  nice work! But this car had some of the worst electrical problems that we have ever seen. We traced almost every wire down until we found the problem. We also had to replace the "very hard to find" ignition module for the hot air cars. Once we got it going, we could play with the new turbo set up. The kit responded well, so we sent it on its way with a safe 15psi 93 octane pump gas tune. 

When Troy first bought his 1985 Olds Cutlass, the engine was shot but it had a good tranny. So he saved his money and when we had an open spot we got him in and fixed his ride up. Troy is cruising with confidence