Welcome to A&A Performance

Welcome to A&A Performance!  We specialize in Turbo Buick V6 performance and also a wide range of other performance applications.   We pride ourselves with helping you get your car to the highest level of performance that you can obtain. Contact our performance team for information on how we can help you.

A&A Performance is located in Vicksburg, Mississippi

For Alan call 601-415-4015

For Andre call 601-529-3028

For Jason call 601-415-8318

For Brian call 601-331-3780

 Unfortunately, due to job changes, we can only take in engine overhauls or car restorations during the months of November to March. Please call to book in now.   

 A&A Performance! Home of the 9sec TURBO BUICKS!

Brian Dykes  Jack Cotten  Andre Ellis  Alan Cheney




Brian, Jason, Alan, and Andre